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NEW Rechargeable Universal UV LED Leak Detection Flashlight
The Leak Tracker Plus Rechargeable is a high-quality, durable cordless inspection flashlight. The li-ion battery included charges inside the flashlight with ease and conveninence when on a work site. 

This Rechargeable Flashlight works with all Spectroline Dyes and has a runtime of 9 hours (continuous)

  • Adjustable Focus: Narrow focus for a power beam of light to fluoresce the smallest leaks. Wide focus for larger scans and to reduce reflections
  • Laser Pointer
  • Up to 25ft Inspection Range
  • Rugges Anodized Aluminum Lamp Body
  • IP 68 Rating

CFA Industries Inc. is excited to announce that we are now offering REELCRAFT!
CFA Industries Inc. will be offering Reelcraft reels and accessories out of our Aurora, ON warehouse!  

Reelcraft is the leading global manufacturer of the widest range of hose, cord and cable reels for industrial, commercial and professional applications. Reelcraft's key focus is to produce durable, quality products that make hoses, cords and cables more productive, keep them easily accessible and make them last longer. Work smarter wtih Reelcraft's complete line of spring-driven, motor driven and hand crake hose, cord and cable reels.

Spectroline's NEW LeakTracker™ Plus Flashlight
Universal UV LED Leak Detection Flashlight!

The LeakTracker™ Plus is a high-quality, durable cordless inspection flashlight with advanced features like an adjustable focus, a longer runtime and laser pointer for extreme accuracy in pinpointing leaks.
Coilhose Announces the Typhoon Plus Blow Gun
  • Durable Polymer Construction
  • Maximum Power and Performance
  • Flow Control Built-In
  • Non-Marring Body and Tip
  • OSHA Compliant
Also available in a Counter Display TYP-2505-D20 which consists of a 20 blow guns and a counter pop display which hold 10 guns. 

FasTest New Product:  FEG Series
Pneumatic Sealing Connection Tool with Gripping Cradle for Manual Operated Processes
  • Minimized the need for fixturing
  • Prevents the tool from accidental release under pressure
  • Optimized for operator-applied applications such as turbos and flanged ports

FasTest New Product Product: FIG Series
Pneumatic Sealing Connection Tool with Gripping Collets for Manual Operated Processes

  • Minimize the need for fixturing
  • Positive gripping ability
  • Optimized for operator-applied applications on cast or rough surfaces

FasTest's ICON: Intelligent Connection Technology
  • SURE SEAL provides instant LED indication of a safe & secure connection
  • If the product fails at a test, the connections should not be a source of the leaks
  • Increase throughput and reduce downtime
  • Collect Tool Data - Gather data on historical use, actuations, and cycle count to get better testing results
  • Optimize seal maintenance - SEAL LIFE indicates when the main seal needs to be replaced

Zinga now offers TTI's Standard Line of Power Breathers
TTI's standard line of Power Breathers offer a marked improvement over the customary dust caps of OEM breathers typically used on equipment and storage tanks. The exclusive Zine Microglass filter media delivers 1-micron absolute filtraction performance and high dirt-holding capacity with low pressure drop. The industry-leading Power Gel offers nearly 20% better moisture holding capacity when compared to leading competitors. 
Now Offering PVS Sensors
PVS offers a wide Range of pressure, vacuum, temperature and differential switches manufactured in the USA. Each product is designed for applications in the Industrial and Mobile field as well as Pneumatic, Water, Process, Refrigerant, Air Conditioning, Beverage and other associated industries.  These switches are complimented by a competitive reange of Temperature and Pressure Transducers. 
Zinga SG Series Reservoir Sight Level Gauges Now Available with Sight Window!
Zinga now has an additional option for their SG Series Sight Level Gauges.

The SG Series Reservoir Sight Level Gauge is a tank mounted gauge to measure and monitor petroleum and water based hydraulic fluid levels in tanks and reservoirs. The sight gauge bodies are constructed of a UV resistant material with excellent transparency and superior chemical resistance.  The gauges are easy to read and built to be durable. Mounting bold option are 1/2"-13UN or M12 threads.  Optional steel guard features windows to allow side viewing of the fluid level in the gauge! This option is available in the 5" version only. 

NEW!! Flexcoil CoBlo™
The most popular Flexcoil Air Hose is now available with a Built In Blow Gun!

The most durable, lightweight, kink-resistant recoiled air hose has been extruded in orange and equipped with an industrial connector and the NEW CoBlo™ Coupler Blow Gun

  • Durable Polyurethane Air Hose with quality strain relief swivel fittings
  • High quality six ball coupler with built-in blow gun
  • Great for cleaning off tools and work area
  • Easy push button trigger
  • Works with tool connected or disconnected
  • Maximum working pressure: 120 psi for assembly
  • OSHA Compliant - recessed outlet cannot be dead-ended
  • Hi-Viz orange colour
  • Patent Pending

Yellow Belly Hybrid PVC Air Hose Now available in 25 foot lengths!!!
Coilhose's Yellow Belly is constructed of a lightweight yet durable hybrid PVC material, and offers an excellent alternative to the traditional rubber air hose. Yellow Belly remains flexible even in cold temperatures, and lies flat to prevent tripping hazards. It rolls out and stores well, resists kinking under pressure, and is equally at home at the jobsite or in the garage!

Previously available in lengths of 50 feet and 100 feet, the Yellow Belly is now also offered in 25 foot lengths! 

Strain Relief Fittings are Available

Field Repairable Fittings are Available

Also available:

Yellow Belly Hose Reel - Keep your Yellow Belly neatly stored and ready to work with Yellow Belly Hose Reel (3/8" x 50', 1/4" MPT)

Yellow Belly Wash Down Hose - Enjoy the same characteristics of Yellow Belly, but in an industrial wash down (5/8" x 50' with 3/4 GHT fittings)

FLEXEEL COBLO™ Now Available
Coilhose's best selling Flexeel Air Hose now comes with a Built In Blow Gun!

The most flexible, lightweight, durable, reinforced air hose available has been equipped with an industrial connector and the NEW CoBlo™ Coupler Blow Gun

  • High quality six ball coupler with a built-in blow gun, always on the hose and ready to use
  • Great for cleaning off tools and work area or use to empty compressor tank
  • Easy push button trigger
  • Works with tool connected or disconnected
  • Maximum working pressure: 120 psi for assembly
  • OSHA Compliant - recessed outlet cannot be dead-ended
  • Hi-Viz orange colour
  • Patent pending

NEW!!! CoBlo™ Coupler Blow Gun

Coupler with built in blow gun!

  • High quality six ball coupler with built in blow gun, always ready to use
  • Easy push button trigger
  • Works with tool connected or disconnected
  • Maximum working pressure: 120 psi
  • OSHA compliant
  • Patent Pending
  • Interchanges available: Industrial, Automotive, ARO, Megaflow


* Qty 1 - Test Kit Case
* Qty 3 - 6' Test Hose Assemblies fitted with M16x2 female hose ends
* Qty 3 - CF1P Series Gauges (2/5" Glycerine-Filled, 1/4" NPT bottom connections, 60 psi, 3,000 psi, 10,000 psi)
* Qty 1 - 1/4" NPT Female to M16x2 Male Fitting
* Qty 1 - M16x2 Hose Union
* Qty 4 - M61x2 Test Points (Connection size: 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, 04 SAEm 06 SAE)

Other gauge pressure ranges and test point connection sizes available by special request
NACHI PVS Piston Pump Thru Shaft Series
* Pump Flow range from 8 cc to 45 cc
* 3000 psi, 3625 peak
* 2000 rpm max
* Front pumps available with keyed or spline shaft
* Rear pumps splined shaft
* Pumps are supplied with stroke adjustment, adjustable to approx 50% max flow range

NASGP Series External Gear Pump

* External Gear Design
* JIC/SAE Connections
* Flow Rate: 3.8 - 10.9 gpm
* Rated Pressure: 3625 psi

Imperial is launching a NEW Micro Tube Bender for inline bends!

For 3/16" and 1/4" O.D. Soft Copper and Aluminum Tubing

  • Low profile for tight access, inline bends
  • Handle-free
  • Use 1/4" ratchet to drive
  • patent pending

Tub O'Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Unique Biodegradable Formula

  • Removes grease, oil and tough grime
  • Walnut shell formula will NOT block drains or septic tank systems where other other formulas with low-cost pumice will
  • Walnut shells completely sanitized & safe for use
Contains NO Petroleum Distillates
  • Petroleum distillates can be harmful to water & septic systems
  • Can be a skin irritant
Easily Removed from Hands
  • Lanolin, aloe vera, & vitamin E among other emoolients that leave hands soft and moisturized after use
  • Quick water rinse

New! FasTest 60/70 Series with SurConnect™
  • SurConnect™ green ring becomes visible when properly connected to test piece
  • Instant push/pull connection improves ergonomics & throughput
  • Pressure assisted sealing ensure safety as pressure increases
  • High flow design for optimal testing
  • Stainless steel components provide a robust, durable product

Spectroline Aviation Marksman™ II Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool  MDE-2000LNC

Quickly detects compressed air, natural gas, propane tank, vacuum, steam, refrigerant and other pressurized leaks.

Finds gear and bearing wear in internal components and electric motors

Ideal for Aircraft:
* Pneumatic Systems
* Fuel System Pressurization Testing
* Oxygen Lines and Valves
* Internal Leaks in Hydraulic Valves and Actuators
* Fuel Cell Testing
* Identifying Caviatation in Hydraulic Pumps
* Arcing in Wave Guides
* Cabin Pressurization Testing
* Pitot Static Systems
* Health Checks

Product Highlight: Leak Tracker™ Leak Detection Kit
Finds leaks fast in small to medium petroleum or synthetic-based fluid systems. Ideal for all industrial fluid system applications including:
* Hydraulic Systems
* Pipelines
* Turbines
* Compressors
* Engines
* Gearboxes
* Fuel Systems

Each kit features a Leak Tracker™ UV Leak detection flashlight and 8 oz (237 ml) twin-neck bottle of OIL-GLO® 44 concentrated oil dye. Kit treats up to 64 gallons of oil-based fluid

NOW AVAILABLE! Holmbury is offering Replacement Cartridge Couplers for the Faster 4BD4FH/4BD4FI
Holmbury's FFC Series is a replacement flat face cartridge coupler for the Faster 4BD4FH and 4BD4FI blocks. The FFC Series is designed for the quick changeover of hydraulic attachments for skid steer loaders, compact loaders, backhoe loaders and compact utility vehicles.  

  • Internal design allows the female half to always be depressurized when disconnected.
  •  Male has built-in connect under pressure functionaility
  • Couplers are flat face and are designed to the ISO 16028 Standard
  • Low profile coupler design minimizes side loading
  • Low cost replacement couplers
Contact us for more details. 

New to CFA Industries' Product Offering
CFA Industries Inc. has teamed up with Dynamic Fluid Components to offer their extensive line of products to the Canadian hydraulic, pneumatic, process, petrochemical and other allied industries.  

Dynamic's product offering includes:
  • Low-speed High-torque Hydraulic Motors
  • Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps/Motors and Flow Dividers
  • Needle Valves / Flow Control Valves / Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves, Check Valves, Selector Valves, Log Splitter Control Vlaves
  • High Pressure Ball Valves
  • Pressure Gauges & Accessories
  • Test points / Hoses / Fittings / Probes & Test Kits
  • Filter Filler Breather Caps
To view the website check out

Holmbury Multiplate couplers Now Available
Holmbury's MP Series multiplate couplers allow the simultaneous connection of multiple hydraulic lines. The MP series inherits the benefits of Holmbury's flat face coupler design. 

  • Connect under pressure male couplers
  • Couplers are circlip mounted and can be replaced or removed easily
  • Flat faces are easily wiped clean
  • Allows for minimal inclusion of air and contaminents during connection
  • Flat face design prevents fluid loss during disconnection
  • Electrical connections may be added upon request
  • Various configurations for handle and button arrangement available upon request
  • Bidirectional flow

Coming Soon!  Holmbury High Pressure Poppet Valve Couplers
Holmbury KM 115/116 Series high pressure poppet valve couplers are primarily used in bolt tensioners, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic hammers and other high pressure applications. The KM 116 can withstand a higher maximum pressure thatn the KM 115.  

  • 1000 bar maximum working pressure (KM 115), 1500 bar maximum working pressure (KM 116)
  • Poppet valve design
  • Locking ball system allows quick disconnection
  • Bidirectional flow 
Contact us for details!

Garden Flexeel - Lightweight and highly durable, this hose has a slender profile and remains flexible even in very low temperatures. It is suitable for use in moderate-flow applications such as garden or greenhouse watering and light-duty washdown

 Water Flexeel - Water Flexeel incorporates the features of Flexeel into an industrial strength water hose. This hose is perfect for heavy, continual use. Water Flexeel is available in 1/2" and 5/8" ID and features standard 3/4" garden hose threads

Yellow Belly Industrial Wash Down - Constructed of a lightweight yet durable hybrid PVC material, this hose has the same characteristics of Coilhose's Yellow Belly Air Hose, but in an industrial wash down version.

Contact us for more information.
Celebrating 30 Years of Business!
This year, CFA Industries Inc. celebrates 30 years in business. We are grateful for our loyal customers, employees and partners for helping make CFA's 30 years in business a success. These relationships have shaped our history and will guide our future.
Zinga's RB2

The RB2 By Zinga Industries combines their time-tested breather design with an innovative internal splash resistant geometry. A variety of popular thread mounting options for simplified and economical reservoir mounthing makes this splash resistant design the right choice for reservoir designers and users.

* Intergrated splash-resistant design can be used with the pressure/vaccum option
* Threaded-in mounting design for new or existing filler ports
* Standard thread sizes of 2 1/2" - 12 UN (SAE-32), 1 1/4" NPTF, or M52X2
* 10 Micron air filtration keeps contaminants from entering the reservoir
* Glass-filled nylon construction provides all-weather durability
FasTest's JNL and JXL NuJaws Quick Connnectors
The NuJaws connectors are able to create a leak-tight connection to virtually any type of straight tube, straight bore, step bore or cast surfaces, which are often found in several manufacturing industries.  

  • Seal either internally (JNL) or externally (JXL)
  •  Accomodates tubes ranging from .25" to .875"
  • Leak tight connection up to 1,000 psi
  • Two-way lever actuated

New to the Coilhose Yellow Belly Line
Coilhose is now offering Yellow Belly Wash Down Hose, 5/8" x 50'!

The Yellow Belly Industrial Wash Down Hose is constructed of a lightweight, durable Hybrid PVC material and offers an excellent alternative to the traditional rubber and plastic wash down hoses. Yellow Belly remains flexible even in cold temperatures, lies flat to prevent tripping hazards, and rolls out and stores well.  Equipped with strong, plated brass fittings with garden hose threads, this hose will provide years of dependable service!

Yellow Belly Field Repairable Fittings are Now Available! 

Repairable Rigid 1/4" ID x 1/4" MPT
Repairable Rigig 3/8" ID, 1/4" MPT
1/4" ID Splicer
3/8" Splicer
Coilhose Pneumatics Winter Grade Air Tool Lubricant!
Winter is coming and so is the cold weather! Keep your air tools, cylinders and accessories working at maximum performance down to -45°F! 

Remember to change to Winter Grade Air Tool Lubricant from Coilhose Pneumatics. The ATLW provides enhanced anti-freezing capabilities to the already special formulation that the standard ATL provides.

Available in 4 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon and even 55 gallon drums.

Contact us for information
New! FasTest FE+ & FI+ Connection Verification 
FasTest is Adding SMART Technology To the Most Trusted Quick Connectors in the Industry! 

Connection Verification enabled FasTest quick connectors provide an electrical signal that the quick connectors have properly actuated!

  • Reduce waste caused by failed connectors
  • Automatically start leak tests from the connection verification electrical output signal
  • Increase throughput by removing preprogrammed delays in automated applications
  • Eliminate other expensive components that provide similar feedback with less accuracy 

Coilhose Typhoon Caddy! The perfect partner for your Typhoon Blow Gun!
Coilhose is introducing the New Typhoon Caddy!  

The Typhoon Caddy holds your Typhoon Blow Gun and tips when not in use. 

Item No. TH-KIT

  • Stores your Typhoon Blow Gun and Tips Safely
  • Includes and Holds Two Tips (SAT12 & SNT-3) and Adapter (HFN-ADP)
  • Magnet on the back to quickly secure to metal surfaces
  • Mounting holes to install to wood or sheetrock
Watch the promotional video!

Thread Identification Kits from Fittings Unlimited!
Fittings Unlimited Inc. now offers an NPT/UN Thread Identification Kit in addition to the Metric ID Kit they already offer. 

This kit for male and female SAE threads includes: NPT/NPSM, O-Ring Face Seal, 37° JIC, Flareless, Straight Thread R-Ring, 45° Flare, Inverted Flare and Brass Compression.

Kit includes carrying case, 45 anodized aluminum gauges sized from 1/8-27 to 2 1/2-12 for pipe and 5!6-24 to 2 -1/-12 for UN/UNF 2A/2B threads, Thread and Port Guide book and laminated NPT/UN Thread ID chart.  

Patent Pending

Spectroline Industrial Highlight!
Industrial systems leak more than just fluids... they leak money!  Use Spectroline dyes as part of a diagnostic/preventitive maintenance program.  

Check out the new and improved Video to view the benefits and capabilities of Spectroline leak detection solutions.

Make sure you also check out the Fluid Safe Video while you're on the page!

Contact Us for Details.
NEW DESIGN of Coilhose Solid State Automatic Drains!
Solid State Automatic Drains use an electronic timer to routinely open a drain valve and evacuate built-up condensation from your compressed air system. This unit can be plumbed to drain a series of drops or even be plumbed into the bottom of a compressor tank. 

Installation consists plumbing the unit into the system, and powering the unit with 110V AC electric.

Equipped with a 6 foot grounded electric cord
  • Works with 110V AC with 60 or 50 hz
  • Cycle Time from 1 to 45 minutes
  • Drain Time from 1 to 15 seconds
  • Can be Cycled Manually
  • Operating Temperature: 107°F to 120°F 

HDB Series Decompression Block Couplers now offered by Holmbury!
Holmbury's HDB Series is a block coupler designed for the quick changeover of hydraulic attachments for skid steer loaders, compact loaders, backhoe loaders and compact utility vehicles. The decompression feature enables the operator to alleviate trapped pressure, allowing the quick and easy connection of various attachmets.

  •  Operator friendly decompression system allows for easy connection and disconnection with trapped residual pressure
  • Pull activation feature prevents accidental system decompression
  • All couplers are flat face and are designed to the ISO 16028 Standard
  • Low profile coupler design minimizes side loading
  • Coupler arrangement can be order in 1/2" for standard flow or 3/4" for high flow applications
  • Case drain coupler is standard 3/8"
  • Accessible design allows for servicing of internal components

Holmbury's New HTN Series Poppet style couplings with a guided poppet
Holmbury's HTN Series poppet couplings are a reliable and efficient option for use across a wide range of hydraulic applicstions. The HTN Series is fully interchangeable wtih the Snaptite H Series, Faster TNV Series and Dixon V Series.

  • Poppet style minimizes pressure drop and creates an effective seal whilst allowing high flow rates
  • Elongated nose and poppet design allows for simple connection and disconnection
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Available thread sizes from 1/4" to 2"
  • Designed for usage in general hydraulic systems, machine tool, test equipment, agricultural, and other mobile hydraulics 

Holmbury's New IAP Series - Connect under pressure female couplings!
Holmbury IAP Series female couplings connect with standard ISO A and DIN ISO 5675 size 12 male couplings. They can be connected and disconnected by hand even when the male coupling has a static pressure of 25 bar. The IAP female will need to be at zero pressure. 

IAP Series female couplings should be mounted on a bracket or bulkhead by utilizing the grooves in the outer sleeve and circlips or similar fixtures.

  • Connect with a "regular" male that can be under pressure
  • Equivalent to Parker RSD and Faster 3CFPV female couplings
  • Positive, quick connection ensured by the snap together locking ball system
  • When connected the male and female halves can rotate, even under pressure, thus avoiding any torsional stress in the flexible hoses
  • Applications: tractors and agricultural equipment, general industrial where a bulkhead/bracket mounting facility is required 

SP Series High Pressure Poppet Type Screw Couplings from Holmbury!
Holmbury High Pressure Poppet Type Screwed Couplings are designed to withstand high pressures and pressure pulses. High pressure pulses create forces that act to separate the male and female couplings. These screwed couplings have a screw thread retaining mechanism that distributes the separating forces over a large surface area, thus eliminating brinelling.  

  • Screw thread retaining mechanism to elminate brinelling
  • Connection and disconnection can be performed even with a low residual hydraulic pressure in teh line
  • Applications: mobile plant, agricultural implements and general industrial equipment 

New FasTest SurConnect XT Series

Green means go!

  • Visual indication of secure connection improves safety
  • Easily installed on existing XT Connectors OR available fully assembled
  • Lightweight aluminum body reduces strain on operator
  • Colour Coded by size for easy recognition

Fluorescent Leak Detection for Aviation Fluid Systems

Aero-Brite™ Universal Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye


Locates all leaks in petroleum- and synthetic-based aviation fluid systems!

Checks an entire system in just minutes! Ideal for use as part of a diagnostic/preventive maintenance program for commercial and military aircraft fuel and fluid systems!


  • Airecraft Fuel Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Reciprocating Engine Lubrication Systems
  • Turbine Engines
  • And Much More!



Fittings Unlimited Inc has the resources to manufacture special made to order fittings to your own fully drawn prints or your descriptive request.




1. Material Options: Aluminum, Brass, Monel, Steel and Stainless

2. Finish Options: Trivalent, Passivation and Electro Polishing, ETC

3. Quick turnaround

4. Quality of work guaranteed

Holmbury Offers a High Pressure Heavy Duty Screw connect coupling

Holmbury's PTC Series screw connect couplings are designed for heavy duty applications involving very high pressures and severe pulse conditions. Good for applications such as hydraulic jacks, hydraulic hammers, construction plant, mobile equipment, demolition and agricultural industries.  Also available in Stainless Steel (PTS Series)



  • Can be connected with up teh 50 bar residual pressure in the hydraulic circuit
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Operating temperatures (with Nitrile seals): -40°C (-40°F) to 106°C (223°F)

New Kit!  Leak Tracker™ Leak Detection Kit

Find Leaks and Save Money!


Part No. LTK-441

  • Ideal for all industrial fluid system applications
  • Treats up to 64 gallons of oil-based fluid
  • Works with ALL oil- and water-based fluorescent dyes, including difficult-to-fluoresce yellow, white and blue dyes -- even dirty fluids

FasTest Inc. Introduces New Quick Connect for Fuel Rail Testing!

Introducing the newest connector to the 70 series product family, specifically designed to fit 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" standard fuel rail profiles.


  • incorporates one handed, sleeve actuation to create a leak-tight external connection to standard fuel rails
  • Engineered with a high flow design that is ideally suited for hot engine run testing, and the connector's instant push pull connection improves throughout during cold engine leak testing and fuel rail component testing.


Super-Duty-Swivels™ Available!

In heavy-duty applications Super-Duty-Swivels™ offer a mutliple bearing race design for superior side load strength and added load bearing support.


The inner and outer ball bearing races are integrally designed and machined within tight tolerances into the hardened metal of the male stem and female body providing a rigid track for the balls to roll freely, yet securely. 

FasTest "EZ Connect ZF" Connectors

Wide Tolerance Connectors for Formed Tubes

*Fits a range of tube sizes for flexibility and versatility

*Self-aligning seal reduces failures & operator errors

*Service and repair in the field

*Intuitive one hand operation

*Colour coded handles simplify use in multiport systems

Tub O'Towels available through CFA Industries Inc.

Removes stains other won't including: grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker and other hard-to-remove soils

*** No water necessary

Available 40's, 90's and Individual packs

Spectroline Introduces a Leak Detection Kit for Marine Applications!

The fastest, easiest and most accurate way to find fuel, oil and hydraulic leaks in small to medium sized craft! Comes with two uniquely coloured fluorescent dyes to distinguish between different leaking fluid systems.

For more information, contact or phone our Customer Service Department at 905-713-3926.

Fittings Unlimited Inc. is offering O-ring Kits and Cat Flange Adapters!
Check them out at
Now Stocking PSI Projectiles and Launchers!

CFA Industries Inc. is excited to announce that we are now stocking a direct equivalent to the Ultra Clean products in Canada!  PSI manufactures, markets and distributes a family of revolutionary air tools for the cleaning of hose, tube and pipe from 3mm to 120mm across a wide range of industries. From hydraulics to refrigeration, food and beverage, aerospace, telecommunications, construction, marine, mining and offshore oil and gas

* Hose, Tube & Pipe Projectiles * Projectile Launchers * Nozzle & Adapter Rings * Kits and Accessories

For more information, contact or phone our Customer Service Department at 905-713-3926.

We are pleased to announce that we are once again STOCKING Cross Manufacturing at CFA Industries Inc. 

Cross produces one of the most extensive hydraulic component lines on the market today. Over 63 years experience in product testing and design assure top performance and a long reliable service life for all CROSS products.  

* Directional flow and pressure control valves  *  Gear pumps and motors  *  Filters  *  Accumulators  *  Gear boxes  *  Adapters  *  Manifolds  *  Welded and Tie Rod Cylinders

CFA Industries Inc. is now located at: 40 Engelhard Drive, Unit #6 Aurora, ON     L4G 6X6
Our Phone Number and Fax numbers have stayed the same!
Phone: 905-713-3926
Toll Free: 877-644-4403
Fax: 905-713-3927


Telephone: 905.713.3926
Toll Free: 1.877.644.4403
Fax: 905.713.3927

40 Engelhard Drive, Unit #6
Aurora, Ontario, L4G 6X6
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